The Dark Ferret Society


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Ruby Fink, one of five scholarship students admitted to the ostentatious Desert Academy, quickly realizes there’s more to the school than meets the eye.  On her first day the water in the olympic sized swimming pool is dyed red, among other suspicious antics.  The school keeps rumbling about certain mishaps traditionally happening at the beginning of the year, but is it just good fun?  Or is it something bigger?  With an invitation to join the secret Dark Ferret Society, Ruby never realized fitting in to high school would be this thrilling.

The Dark Ferret Society is an ode to community found at school, unlikely friendship, and to misfit toys finding an island.  It is a coming of age story about belonging when everyone is convinced they do not belong.

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Ruby Fink and The Dark Ferrets are back again, pulling pranks as scholarship students at Desert Academy. After trying to dig up their red cooler underneath the Desert Academy baseball field for the Beginning of the Year Ceremony, they discover their cooler has been stolen by The Narcoleptic Turtles. This group, made of popular rich kids, threatens to end the Dark Ferret Society by pulling pranks of their own and sharing secrets about The Dark Ferrets. Will Ruby be able to withstand the awful pranks against her favorite friends and expose the Narcoleptic Turtles for who they truly are? More secret tunnels, Dark Ferret traditions, and the true history of Desert Academy await in The Rise of The Narcoleptic Turtles.

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