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Hi, reader!  This is a picture of me with a giant duck because it’s probably the happiest I’ve ever been.  Yes, I am wearing a French Hen sweater because I’m just the kind of person who likes to celebrate traveling rubber duck art installations.








I’m the author of The Dark Ferret Society and The Rise of The Narcoleptic Turtles, juvenile fiction books about all sorts of becoming and mischief.  If you’re into secret societies, friendship in unlikely places, and pranks, The Dark Ferrets are for you.  Read more about them here!





I’m married to Scott, an elementary school teacher, which basically means I’m a professional mover of books, writer of classroom plays, and attender of school functions.  Where is the support group for spouses of teachers? I wrote On Being Married To a Teacher here.




I can’t stop writing about the lovely, ordinary stuff of life.  I will not stop celebrating the tiny details or the moments that stick in our memories forever.  I fill my journals with odes to teapot whistles, red umbrellas in the rain, and fresh baked bread pulled right from the oven.  All of my posts here rally around the IMG_6451.JPGcentral theme of collecting goodness and participating in life.  If you want posts that feel particularly me then I suggest Geography and Love Stories, Coffee Dates and Growing Lessons, or On Brewing Conflict Tea.

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