February Notes.

28 Days in February – 59/365 days in 2017


Favorite Moments

We traveled to Indiana to celebrate our friend’s thirtieth birthday with the high school basketball team he coaches, his parents, and his wife, Stefanie, and daughter, Malia.  At one point Scott showed Chris’s parents how to use Snapchat which resulted in multiple people down on the floor, on their knees, gawking at the filters on our phones.  I was crying from laughter.  We always preface our Snapchat lessons with, “We learned from twenty-year-olds how to Snapchat.  We could’t figure it out on our own.”

This same scene happened at my parent’s house later in the month.  We’re bringing Snapchat to baby boomers.

I had coffee with one of my former students that worked for me and we spent the whole conversation talking about writing and our favorite books.  I couldn’t get over her beautiful short hair, how much she has blossomed since college, and how good it was to sit with someone who knew me during a very different season of life.  Susanna, I’m so proud of you and how you’re taking on the world.  You’re exactly what I hope for all of my students.  Also, yes, I realize I’m eighty-five for saying the phrase ‘how much she’s blossomed since college.’

Scott gave me the nicest portable speaker for my birthday and our house has been a dance party ever since.  Yes, we give each other gifts early.  I’m sorry if this upsets you.



We saw The Founder in theaters which tells the story of the McDonalds empire.  Michael Keaton stars (Batman and Beetlejuice forever).  I was equally disgusted by/rooting for the main character as he rips everything from two brothers in Southern California.  I loved it for the same reason I loved The Social Network.  I also confess that I grew up thinking McDonalds started in Northern Illinois.  Spoiler: no it didn’t.

I completed the first season of The Great British Bake Off on Netflix.  I now know what  proving drawer is and can tell you that molten lava cakes are called Self Saucing Cakes in Britain.  Biscuits are cookies.  Sponges are cakes.  Mary Berry is a real person that holds the standard for British baked goods.  Also, I love that American cooking shows give contestants 25 minutes to complete tasks and The Great British Bake Off gives contestants FIVE HOURS.  If you know anything about this show, please message me.  I need to geek out.

We’ve also been keeping up with Hunted on CBS.  Teams try to disappear from highly trained individuals.  Does it say something that my whole family things we could survive?


You Need to Listen To

The Grand Gestures episode of This American Life.  I was captivated until the very end.  Also horrified.

If you need new music, I made this playlist on Spotify.


STL Places

I finally ate at Sugarfire.  Yes, yes, I know!  I know it’s down the street and I know we’ve lived here for two years, but I DIDN’T KNOW.  I didn’t know the Carolina sandwich would have the most vinegary mustard coleslaw on top of their brisket.  I didn’t know there are 393820 dipping sauces.  I didn’t know it would transport me back to South Carolina.  I didn’t know how much I would love it.  We walked over after getting our car washed and I was not prepared for the quality of food.



February is filled with nostalgia for me.  My social media rememberings contain pictures of Scott and I hanging out before we were dating, including this picture:



I pulled that blue windbreaker from the depths of our closet the other day, walked downstairs, and almost started crying when Scott said, “That’s the girl I fell in love with.”


Parting Thought

“When you’re stressed out, think about seventy degrees.  Think about kids playing in a neighborhood baseball game.  Think about springtime.” -Hannah Brencher






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