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Why You Hated Rory Gilmore in the Revival

Okay, Internet.  I've read your statuses and heard your complaints about Rory Gilmore in the Gilmore Girls Revival, and I'd like ...


A Toast For You

One of my favorite parts of a meal is the toast - formal or informal, clinking thin wine glasses together or touching two pieces ...


Growing Up an Altar Girl

Before I was talking, I was humming along to the spoken liturgy at church.  Before I could see over the dark, wooden pews, I was ...


Becoming a Masterful Unlearner

I'm in one of those reflective spaces in life.  You know the kind.  They don't come around very often and are best accompanied by grey, drizzly days, cups of hot tea, and warbly music floating from the record player. A book project has just ended, which means I'm not frantically writing in ...


Confession: I’m a Silent Freaker Outer

I want you to think I'm calm and collected, but when it comes to the big stuff I can't control, I become a worst case scenario person. For example, last year at this time, the Bridgeton Landfill was threatening (via every screen imaginable) to blow St. Louis into the sky because of an underground ...


Boston, A Love Letter

I'm sitting at a communal table in a tiny dining room.  None of the chairs match and the dark wood bears lighter marks where warm plates and mugs of coffee once sat, forming constellations of house dinners past.  Light is slanting in through the third floor windows, along with the cool, beginning ...


Spirit Animals and St. Louis Ice Cream

  I've always applied the phrase Spirit Animal loosely, because true, soul aligning goodness can't be limited to the animal kingdom.  For instance, my husband's spirit animal is a fictional mouse (from the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie) and my friend's spirit animal is the entire Jeni's ...